I love New Jork


Hi! It´s been a few (I don´t want to count) days since I came back from New York. My inner clock has been a little mixed up since then and my English is still a little perseestä.

This is my first blog post in English. I do this for you, Jes. I think I promised you. I really want to express my gratitude for your coming to the city and meeting us and introducing us to the rest of the gang.

Well, here we go. The journey to the Big Applepie just had to be made. There were so many lovely memories of our last trip. It was totally awesome in 2005. We (me and Lea love) did some serious shopping then and didn´t mind the bit chaotic rainy weather conditions. OK. To be really honest, it was a little bit annoying. So I was quite excited to see the city of my childhood dreams without the rain.

This time we spent 10 days in New York and boy it felt like a month! I don´t mean it was boring. Nothing like that. I was just so damn hungry to see and feel everything. The people, the smell of grease and the rush hour and the noise.

New Yorkin elementit

Like a five year old first time in a zoo. Something like that, yeah. This time the city welcomed us like old friends. And I´m quite happy that we didn´t have the bloody rainforest experience this time. I hope you don´t think I´m whining here. When you put all your money to a vacation so far away, it´s a big thing.

I won´t bore you with telling you what we ate and what I bought. Well maybe a little bit. But first I just have to mention a few golden peaks of our odyssey.

This time we went to Central Park. Someone (mostly sad Finns) might think it´s such a big cliché to go there. Let me tell you what I think. If you want to know what the real New York is like you have to go there. You know nothing if you haven´t been there. In my opinion it´s the best park in the world. I just love it so much. For me the park represents the soul of New York. We spent a magic moment there listening to two guys playing old time jazz and watching local kids smiling in the sun and old folk sitting and enjoying. Happy happy happy. Kyytipoikana I had one hot dog (my first real hodari) and hot cider with a tujaus of whiskey. Nothing much there, someone might say, but a big piece of heaven for me. I miss the park already.

Then we had a night out with three super loveable Americans. Lea´s blogger friend Jes and her friends from Queens. Oh, my, we had such a great big fun night. I must say that there was an instant feeling of friendship there. I was totally suprised to realize that I spoke so much with Tom. I think we both learnt a lot from each other. I now know that the US is in some kind of turmoil.  I´ve known that but now I really know. I really hope things turn for the better. I really do. If not, you are always welcome here. I hate to admit it but I missed a lot of things that were under discussion that night. I miss Dawn and Jes. That was a really lovely night. More than that. Awesome as Jes would put that. I really love you guys. I have a strong feeling that this was not the last time for us. Seems like I´m in a sentimential mood right now, sorry for that. Well I thank you once more and welcome you anytime to our always lovely Helsinki. I miss you.

I hope that the news from Finland (about the high-school shooting) didn´t scare you too much. We were just leaving the US when we heard about it. I was so disappointed then. But now I’m feeling better.

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  1. DEAR Pasi! I am all teary-eyed over here! We missed you too, and we all talked about the two of you for the rest of the weekend. Dawn and I kept saying, ”maybe we should have made plans with them today too” on Sunday. BUT, we were a little hungover so maybe we would not have been as much fun!

    You and Lea make such a lovely couple! She’s very lucky to have you, and you her!

    THIS is not our last time….oh no!

    Friends forever!


    xoxox ~jes

  2. Pasi,

    What a beautiful post! Thank so much for writing it in English so we could enjoy it. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was meeting you & Lea. Tom & I totally agree, we felt an instant and deep connection to you both. We believe that we made life long friends that evening. What a wonderful surprise!! Please come back & visit us soon. Your NYC friends anxiously await your return!!!

  3. Jes. Jees as we say here in Finland. That means yes.

    Wow. I am so happy to hear that you thought excactly the same as us. My hangover on Sunday was 11 miles on a scale of one to ten. Whooh. It gave up on me on Monday. Must be because of the continuous smiling that night.
    Toista Maata is one way of saying ”something else” in Finnish. The name for this blog comes from one of my all time favourite films, French ”My Uncle, Mr. Hulot”. That has been translated in Finnish ”My Uncle is something else”. That is the way I feel about myself. However I´m not an uncle.

    Dawn. You can count on that! Love.

    And lastly I will teach you some more Finnish.

    PERKELE! (our favourite swear word).
    Perkele means Satan and is very commonly used in our language. 😀
    For pronounciation advice please check this potpourri of old Finnish film clips. Hysterical.


  4. Haha. I love it!!

    Tom & I are leaving for a holiday on Sunday. We are going to one of our favorite places in the world, Costa Rica.

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